Cheap Colorado Land


    Click here to see Cheap Colorado Land Listings.  Online land auction for parcels located in Costilla County, CO, which offers a few reservoirs: Eastdale Reservoir; Sanchez Reservoir, and Smith Reservoir, with one lake, Mount Home Lake. All are excellent for fishing and boating. One may catch walleye, pike, and several species of trout, bass, and a few other types of fish. Costilla County is also home to many wildlife such as deer, elk, antelope-which may often be seen in herds grazing in the fields. Coyotes, bears, mountain sheep, and mountain lions also make their homes here.

    San Luis, CO, is also home to the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, one of the longest mountain chains on earth. The Sangre de Cristos are fault block mountains with major fault lines running along both the east and west sides of the mountains and, in places, cutting right through them. The mountains were pushed up about 27 million years ago, pretty much as one big chunk of rock. On the west side is the San Luis Valley with the Rio Grande Rift Zone running down the middle. On the northeast side are the Wet Mountains and the Front Range, with land in this area giving beautiful forests, stunning views of the valley and diverse terrain. is part of the network. Cheap, low down payment with easy financing – To see today’s listings click here.